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Try the iRich Bingo game for real bingo fun!

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Ensure a safe gaming experience and enjoy online iRich Bingo with ease!

As you play the game online, the system automatically marks the numbers that have been called out for you. At the end of the game, players simply mark all the numbers on their cards according to the prescribed pattern. When a player calls out "bingo" or "house", their card is verified as a winner, the prize is paid and the game ends.

One of the biggest advantages you have as a player is the ability to play as many cards as you like. In a traditional physical bingo hall, you have to find the number called on the card as quickly as possible. In online bingo, on the other hand, the software automatically marks the numbers that have been called for you, making it easier for you to participate in the game.

However, it is more important to understand how these rules affect your gameplay and chances of winning so that you can make the necessary adjustments or choose a different type of bingo game. Many bingo players lose a lot of money because they are not familiar with bingo halls and the rules of the game. Make sure you know enough about bingo halls before joining them.

Online bingo games offer many advantages over traditional physical bingo halls. For instance, bingo cards are much cheaper as compared to physical cards which have production costs. Therefore, you can buy more bingo cards and increase your chances of winning.

By choosing iRich Bingo online, you will enjoy a safe and convenient gaming experience. Join us now and play exciting bingo games!


Join iRich Bingo for some fast-paced gaming fun!

The prizes you can win in the game depend on luck and the tickets purchased for the game. The more tickets you buy, the bigger the jackpot will be. If there is a wild ball or a free ball, there is a better chance of winning the jackpot

Unlike traditional 75-ball or 90-ball bingo, iRich Bingo is a variant of 40-ball bingo with unique gameplay. You can play with up to 20 bingo cards at the same time and can also buy additional balls to increase your chances of winning.

This version of the game is very easy to pick up and is designed to provide a faster bingo experience. With only 40 balls, the games are much faster, making it very appealing for players who want to play a lot of games in a short period of time.

The prizes you can win in the game depend on luck and the number of tickets purchased. The more tickets you buy, the bigger the prize pool will be. In addition, you will have more chances to win great prizes in case of wild or free balls.

iRich Bingo focuses on a fast-paced gaming experience that brings you excitement and fun. Join us today and grab the chance to play this exciting bingo game and win great prizes!

Features of iRich bingo

  • With up to 20 bingo cards, there is a high chance of winning prizes!

Experience the competitive atmosphere and become the winner of a full table bingo game! It's not just a game of strategy and luck, it's a hunt for prizes, and players who win the full table of bingo will have a higher chance of walking away with great prizes!

  • Buy more bingo cards to increase your chances of winning.

This gives you more flexibility to master the game. Having more bingo cards means you have more chances to play winning combinations. Different cards may have different number combinations, which gives you a wider range of options and increases the likelihood of winning prizes.

  • Get WILD Balls and win the prizes you want.

WILD Balls offer a new chance to win and add randomness and excitement to the game. Getting it brings you closer to winning prizes, which not only adds to the fun of the game but also gives players a higher expectation of winning bigger awards.

iRichBingo brings you amazing exclusive benefits!

Now let us introduce you to nine exciting promotions exclusive to JILI BONUS!

Take your gaming experience to the next level with

  1. EVO deposit bonus up to 2000p!

  2. Sign up now! Free 88 PHP wagering bonus!

  3. 1.2% daily VIP rebate!

  4. VIP Daily Cashback Bonus up to 10%!

  5. Invite a friend and get $100! Referrer also gets $100!

  6. VIP daily loss rebate of 0.5%!

  7. JILI Bonus + Wage Day Bonus!

  8. Lucky draw, 100% guaranteed to win a $20~1888 bonus!

  9. 200% First Deposit Bonus!

These promotions will bring you exceptional gaming experience and great rewards. Join JILI BONUS now and start your winning journey!

Secure payment options and a great iRich Bingo experience at JILIbonusPlus!

At JILIbonusPlus, we offer you a variety of payment methods that ensure security and a high level of safety and protection. You can use GCash or your local bank for convenient deposit and withdrawal operations.

We value the safety of our customers' funds and use the most advanced security technologies and protection measures. You can use our payment system for transactions with confidence that your personal information and funds will be protected to the greatest extent possible.

Deposit and withdrawal operations are easy using GCash or your local bank. We provide a convenient payment process and operational guidelines to ensure that your transactions are completed smoothly.

Whether you choose to use GCash or your local bank, we are committed to providing a fast and secure transaction experience. Our team will ensure that your transactions are processed in a timely manner so that you can enjoy our excellent gaming and quality service.

By choosing JILIbonusPlus, you will enjoy the security and convenience offered by one of the world's top reputable platforms. Join us today and start your betting journey!

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