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Welcome to C88 Games Free 30PHP
trial funds and share get bonus


Celebrate the grand opening of C88! We offer free trial funds to all players to experience, trial funds can participate in any game in C88 platform. After you have completed your experience, if you think we are good, please deposit directly. We will convert your experience fund of 30 PHP into real points and give them to you the next day. This will make you invincible in the game and bring you good luck!(an exchange serial number will be issued to the site's internal mail at 16PM the next day .)


Special statement: This experience fund is for game trials. During the

use of the experience fund, the withdrawal page cannot be opened. The account will be automatically converted into an official account by the system after the first deposit, at which time all data from the experience period will be cleared. This is a normal occurrence, so please do not worry.

1.Each new member can receive the experience fund from their personal information page upon registration. Each mobile number and e-wallet cannot be duplicated.

2.The condition to receive is to first bind the mobile number and the e-wallet.

3.There is no restriction on the type of games with this experience money. Any game on the platform can be experienced normally.

4.During the trial period, the withdrawal function cannot be normally opened and will be available after the first deposit.

5.Account information will be cleared when the account is converted into an official account (including external funds, wallet balance, and turnover).

6.If any violations are discovered, the company has the right to withhold funds and any profits generated from the violation.

7.If there is any abnormal betting or arbitrage behavior, the company reserves the right to freeze the account and any related accounts, and dispose of the balance.

8.The company reserves the right to modify, change, suspend, or terminate the content of this activity at any time, and has the final interpretation of this activity.

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