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Welcome to C88 Games
Invite to get FREE bonus


Invite to Get FREE Bonus Extra Commission Available. Calculation Date Start From 10/10, Invitation :5/10/15/30/50/100 People Get Bonus upto 10K!

Agency Promotion

Invite Users        Get Bonus

5                               500P

10                             1000P

15                             1500P

30                           3000P

50                           5000P

100                         10000P


  1. Participation Requirements: Bind your mobile number and e-wallet first to qualify for this exclusive promotion.

  2.  Must go to customer service to apply for the bonus: Winners are required to go to customer service to apply for the bonus. 

  3.  Bonus upper limit: No limit of a single bonus.

  4.   Calculation time starts from 10/10

  5.  The Bouns turnover is 1X.

  6.  Withdrawal Requirements: To request a withdrawal, please ensure that all turnover are met, safeguarding your funds.

  7.  Regulation Violation Measures: If any violation is detected, the company reserves the right to withhold funds and any profits generated from non-compliant activities.

  8.  Handling of Unusual Betting: In case of abnormal betting or arbitrage, the company reserves the right to freeze the account and any related accounts, and to dispose of the remaining balance.

  9.  Reservation of Rights: The company reserves the right to modify, change, suspend, or terminate this promotion at any time, and holds the final interpretation right over this promotion.

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