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Super Ace: Gorgeous pavement visuals and high multiplier bonuses!

Super Ace is a thrilling online game designed and published by JILI Slots. With a gorgeous poker theme, this slot game showcases unique visual effects including gorgeous original illustrations, engaging short animations, and abstract and varied backgrounds. In Super Ace, players are more likely to receive free spins bonuses by collecting only 3 scatters to enter the free game, with twice the usual chance of combinations. In addition, this slot game also offers a maximum jackpot multiplier of up to 1500x and low volatility, allowing players to enjoy a more consistent gaming experience.

Super Ace is equipped with 5 reels and offers players 1024 ways to win. There are four playing card suits, as well as Jack, Queen, King, and Ace as the basic symbols. Each card also has a gorgeous gold version that appears on only the middle three reels, and when they are eliminated, they become wild cards that can replace any missing base symbols. Wildcards can also appear as minor wildcards, or duplicate themselves in other positions to form major wildcards. In addition, consecutive wins have a progressive win multiplier in the game, giving the player even greater rewards. Finally, simply landing three Scatter icons activates ten free spins, further increasing the progressive win multiplier.

Super Ace: The highest jackpot multiplier is 1500X

  • Features:

  • Super Ace comes with 5 reels and offers 1024 ways to win.

  • Includes four playing card suits and Jack, Queen, King and Ace as the basic symbols.

  • The gold version of the card appears only on the middle three reels and is eliminated as an outer card.

  • Wildcards can replace any missing base symbols and appear as minor or major wildcards.

  • The game has progressive win multipliers and consecutive wins.

  • Landing three Scatter icons activates ten free spins and increases the progressive win multiplier.

Super Ace: 1024 Winning Combinations

  • 1024 Winning Combinations: With over a thousand ways to connect, every spin will have players looking forward to the moment when the connection appears. 2.

  • Gold version symbols: bursting with golden fantasy light, with a wild card function that can replace missing basic symbols and increase the possibility of winning combinations.

  • Progressive Winning Multiplier: Consecutive wins with unrelenting multiplier increases, bringing huge rewards and more chances to win.

  • Free Spins: Three Scatter icons open ten free spins, increasing the chance of high progressive win multipliers.

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